2017 Update

The Great Salt Lake Hamfest will not be held in 2017.
However, this year there will be two great events in Utah for the Amateur Radio hobby in 2017. WIMU Hamfest in June which is the ARRL State Convention, and the Utah Digital Communication Conference ARRL event in March. We hope you will be able to attend both of these events. More information is below.

Utah Digital Communications Conference - March 25th, 2017 Sandy, Utah

Inspired by ARRL TAPR National DCC conference, Utah is hosting an event similar in nature. The conference will be a fusion of amateur radio communications and maker topics. This conference will focus on the amateur radio hobby that surrounds utilizing digital modes. Current emerging topics such as digital modes for emergency communications and building your own components will be presented on.
Go to www.utah-dcc.org to register and more information.

WIMU Hamfest - June 16-18, 2017 Bear Lake Utah

The great Wyoming Idaho Montana Utah Hamfest is back! We are pleased to announce the revival of the WIMU Hamfest. This great traditional hamfest will be held in Bear Lake, Utah, June 16-18, 2017. Bear Lake is a great destination point for families to vacation while attending the hamfest. Activities will be held at the Garden City Conference Center and Park. Activities include: Outdoor vendors, swap meet, women and youth/child activities, fox hunt, special event station, and much more is planned for the hamfest.
Go to www.wimuhamfest.org to register and more information.

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